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We offer business services to enable companies to focus on their core sale activities.

Welsy was initially formed to manage the business services (office administration and IT support) for our strategic partners’ companies.

Our founder’s one month experience within a government agency made her realised the needs by many SMEs on digitising their operations and the application of technology to automate simple procedures/ operation.

The operations of SMEs are still mostly manual, which resulted in the high dependence of low-wage foreign workers.  The dependence on workers can be significantly reduced with the right-sized IT solution.

The global Covid-19 pandemic accelerates the need for SMEs to digitise more administration and operation.

Thus, we are now offering promotional prices for our business services.  We aim to enable more SMEs to gain benefits from the right implementation of digitisation and auotmation.

We sincerly hope to receive support from more SMEs so that we will be able to hire the many PMETs who are retrenched.  Our use of IT do not require young executives to do the jobs.

We welcome all inquires and invite you to our office for a discussion on your needs.

Our Services

IT Services

  • Website Design, Development, Maintenance.
  • Electronic Signature Desktop Application
  • IT Automation (e.g. VBA Development for Excel, Office, etc.)
  • Digital Transform (incl. Setup Corppass, eSubmit to CPF, IRAS, ACRA, etc.)
  • Software Development and Customisation
  • IT Consultancy & Project Management
  • Data Analytics & Due Diligence 

Virtual Office

  • Website Shared hosting
  • Cloud File Storage
  • Registered Address
  • Meeting Room
  • eFiling and Documentation
  • Corporate Secretary Services
  • Office Administration

About Founder


Daphne Fan

Daphne Fan


Daphne graduated from NTU, Singapore as a Computer Engineer in 1992.  She started working as an IT Professional with an organisation under Singapore Technologies (ST).

In the ST company, she led and supported the implementation of many IT projects, which required her to stationed in France and at customers’ sites.  The projects she managed are IS9000 certified.

Daphne moved on to support Supply Chain industry, and had in-depth knowledge of all the IT systems supporting the management and operation of warehouses, air and sea freights, logstics and courier deliveries.  During the 10+ years as the Senior Systems Consultant, she had implemented and integrated WMS with RFID and ASRS, Supply Chain Visibility project and many integrations with ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, etc.  Her diverse roles and vast experience in the industry had made her a popular choice in the few global projects within the supply chain company.

In 2009, she made a major decision to leave her comfortable 5-figure pay job as an IT Professional in an MNC, to start a small educational business so that she can spend more time with her children.

Daphne entered into the financial industry and developed IT solutions on cybersecurity and KYC compliance.  In addition, she has also developed effective and affordable solutions to assist SMEs to digitise and automate administration and operations.

A one-month part-time job within a government agency made her realise the challenges many SMEs facing.  The global Covid-19 pandemic accelerates the need for SMEs to digitise more administration and operation.   

Thus, Daphne is leading the team to productise the IT solutions she had developed to offer cost efficient IT solutions to SMEs.

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