Tips to build a virtual office team

Individuals are more productive at work when they are comfortable in their surroundings. This helps them work creatively and efficiently.

If traditional office working hours of 9 to 5 is not your most productive hours, then you can set up your schedule according to your lifestyle.  Flexibility is one of the factors that leads to more productivity of an employee.

Misunderstood messages can cause troubles as it will lead to the wrong decisions and work will be affected. So,  make sure messages are clear and have consistent guidelines of communication to improve the level of productivity.

Foster a personal connection with your employees. Engage with employees and create a culture of honesty, loyalty and transparency.

Use various platforms such as Skype and Google hangout for hosting virtual meetings. These platforms won’t get you face-to-face with your employees and coworkers, but will help you in increasing a sense of personal communication.

Incorporate individual or team-based competitions and rewards for day to day activities to push individual employees to strive for increased productivity, as well as building a sense of teamwork and cooperation.

Always maintain well-established communications between the employees in order to develop productivity at work.