Dr. Alexander Kekulé

Dr. Alexander Kekulé


Based on a report published in Merkur.de from Germany, Alexander Kekulé, a German virologist confirmed that the virus that is currently rampant worldwide is not the virus from Wuhan.  It is a virus from northern Italy.

According to Kekulé in November, “The virus is actually a variant that only appeared in northern Italy. That’s what we call the G variant.

The actual starting shot of the global corona pandemic was in northern Italy, which was able to “optimise” itself and spread worldwide from there. This mutated virus is also more infectious than the original Wuhan variant.

Kekulé emphasised that the spreading of the corona cannot be prevented with such a highly infectious pathogen. He does not see the sole blame for the global spread in Italy or Europe, but the authorities – in view of the findings from China – could take advantage of the knowledge shared by the China government to respond more quickly to curb the spreading.

Source: https://www.merkur.de/welt/corona-markus-lanz-zdf-kekule-wuhan-china-ursprung-italien-mutation-virus-zr-90115211.html