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Apply the right technology to improve productivity and efficiencies.

Website Creation

Company Website at $300 with first year free maintenance. 

For a start, just have a simple website of 5 pages, which should include: (i) Home Page, (ii) About the company, (iii) 2 webpages on products & services offer by your company, and finally (iv) Contact Page

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Virtual Office

PC Automation

Some of the routine tasks in Microsoft Office can be automated. 

Instead of buying IT products and pay for functions that do not 100% meet your needs, why not just pay for simple VBA Macros to automate the administrative and operational tasks.

The VBA macros are easy to maintain.  We can make minor changes at no cost or we can guide you to do the same. 

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eSignature Application

This is a proprietary software application developed inhouse by our IT Team led by our Founder. It offers a simple solution to secure electronic documents that do not require subscription fees.

Just one-time payment and you can use the application to generate unique electronic signatures that can be verified on your company website.  No more fear that your electronic signature will be used by fraudsters to sign unknown contracts. More Details.

Digital Transformation

Want to be able to work from anywhere at anytime but ot IT trained?

We have the solution for you.  Just select one of our standard packages, and you can have your personal cloud file storage, server for your website, office fax number, etc.

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