Significant changes in Singapore Education System from 2019

Kids having mini assessment in school

To allow kids to enjoy learning and continue to do in the growing years, Ministry of Education (MOE) decided to do away with graded examinations for the Primary One and Two levels. Kids are measured how much they learnt through mini assessments such as discussions, homework and quizzes instead and these are non-graded.

Over the next three years, there will be no mid-year exams for Primary Three, Primary Five, Secondary One and Secondary Three levels. These levels were particularly selected as the kids are transiting and exposed to new subjects with higher content and expectations. Given adequate time and space, the kids would then be able to adjust themselves to the increased curriculum demands. The removal of mid-year exams will first begin for the Secondary One level in 2019.

There will also be no more class or level ranking for the students in their report book. Teachers will use qualitative descriptors in the report instead. Whereas for other levels, marks will be rounded off as whole numbers.

With the above changes, it will free up curriculum time and the time would be used for applied and inquiry-based learning.

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