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Timestamped eSignature Desktop Application

Timestamped is an electronic Signature desktop application that creates a unique eSignature for every contract or agreement. Every electronic signature (or eSignature) generated from this application comes with a unique number code that can be traced to the signatory, project, and the date and time the eSignature is generated.

The objective is to prevent any misuse of electronic signatures of the authorized signatories.  It logs every eSignatures generated and enable the tracking of all documents (contracts or agreements) signed by the company.

By signing an eDocument using Timestamped eSignature, the signatory will be assured that fraudsters cannot copy his/her electronic Signature (picture) file to sign tempered or unknown documents.

No more fear that your electronic signature will be used by fraudster to sign unknown contracts. A handy solution especially during this pandemic period that limits traveling required to close deals.  Click here to see a live sample verification webpage.


Timestamped was designed and developed for one of our premium clients.  The company is a project financing company with long proven experience in the industry.  The high accessibility of internet has attracted many brokers or agents offering similar products, of which many are scammers and frauds.

There were many occasions that the key authorised signatories’ electronic signatures were used to sign on tempered or unknown agreements.  They had received many calls or even overseas visitors claiming to have signed contracts with him.  It was time consuming for the company to verify the agreements and trace the original versions.

The company has explored some of the existing eSignature applications.  These applications charge an average monthly subscription of USD $10 per user per month, which will work out to be US$360 or S$500 over a period of 3 years.

The company prefers one-time payment with no running cost.  To solve the problem, Welsy designed and developed Timestamped eSignature desktop application.

Upon the use of Timestamped eSignatures for all contracts and agreements, the company was able to trace the agents who are involved in the fraudulent activities and have them blacklisted as shown in the company’s site on due diligence (URL: https://www.efesea.com/due-diligence/).  Within 3 months, the problem on fake documents is resolved.  Our client stopped receiving calls from unknown parties.


(I) Timestamped eSignature Desktop Application

Timestamped is a simple desktop application that generates a unique number code that contains information of the company code, signatory’s ID, project code, and a timestamp when the eSignature is generated.

Signatory login to the desktop application to generate an eSignature with QR Code.  



(II) Sample eSignature

Below is a sanitised eSignature produced by the desktop application:


It is a picture (png) file that can be inserted as a picture in documents, e.g. Microsoft Word. Just place the eSignature (picture file) in the Signature Page.

The best way to insert the picture is to place it over or near the signature line.  As the picture file is a png picture file, it can be placed above the contents without covering the contents below it. 


To place the picture on top of contents, go to the picture’s format and set the “Wrap Text” of the picture to “In Front of Text” as shown in the menu on the left screenshot below.  Alternatively, just right click above the picture and select the highlighted icon in the right screen snapshot.

Note: The screen snapshots are part of the User Guide of this application. 

(III) eSignature Verification

Anyone who has access to the internet can verify the authenticity of the eSignature document.

Below is an illustration of how an eSignature generated by Timestamped can be verified.  It can easier to verify by scanning the QR code with a smartphone.  It will redirect to the company’s verification webpage and automatically start the verification process. 

Alternatively, the eSignature can be verified manually by entering the number code below the signature in the eSignature Verification webpage. 

Both options do not require any specific software or application to be installed on the mobile or PC.


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To use Timestamped to generate eSignature for you, you just have to install the software and you can follow the instruction of the User Guide to do the required settings.  Some customization can be included on request.  We only charge one-time fee, no other running cost. 

Contact us for a quotation or further inquiries.

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