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An electronic/ digital signature that can be verified on your company website.

Do you know that the eSignature added in the document or PDF file can be copied and used in other contracts? 

One of our clients was approached many times by unknown people /companies with “fake” agreements signed with its director’s electronic signature. Each time it takes hours or even days for our client to prove that the agreements were fake and even harder to identify the culprits.

Timestamped eSignature application solved the problem.  Within three months after using Timestamped eSignature, the “fake” agreements problem stop 100%.

Our application published a webpage on our client’s website that enables the verification of all our client’s eSignatures inserted in all agreements. To verify the authenticity of the eSignatures, the client’s partners just need to scan the QR code besides the eSignatures.

More importantly, every eSignature comes with a unique number code that can be traced to the signatory, project, and the date and time the eSignature is generated. Our client can identify the culprit, who misuse the eSignatures. 

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To use Timestamped to generate eSignature for you, you just have to install the software and you can follow the instruction of the User Guide to do the required settings.  Some customization can be included on request.  We only charge one-time fee, no other running cost. 

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